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Jean-Francois Ganevat, Y'a Bon the Canon, Jura, France, NV

About this wine

Y'a bon the Canon is evidence of Jean-Francois Ganevat's passion for Gamay. It is one of three new cuvees featuring Gamay brought in from Beaujolais (about 50 miles southwest of Rotalier) and blended with old-vine indigenous varieties prohibited by Jura AOC regulations: Petit Be?clan, Gros Be?clan, Geusche, Argant, Peurion, Portugais Bleu, Isabelle, Enfarine?, and more. Like some other natural producers, Ganevat tired of strict AOC rules decides to de-classify all of his wines to 'Vin de Table'.
Fermentation is with indigenous yeasts and no sulfites are added. Bright red strawberry and black raspberry fruit, tart and crunchy, with smoky/mineral undertones and a bit of fresh tobacco.

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